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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Form Fill Up Matriculation/Intermediate Exam 2014 Form Fill up: Free Support & Guidance

Are you willing to appear in Matriculation/Intermediate exam this year? Do you ever wish to score higher marks in Matriculation/Intermediate (all stream), then nothing to worry more. We provide complete assistance and guidelines from filling up the form up to examination.

Whatever, complications you have owned (engaged in any profession, no time for study, age factor etc.), then nothing to get worry any more. We will be pleased to assist you in all aspects.

Our team of expert teachers and staff will provide complete resources, which will definitely assist either you or your friends, kids or any known to person not only to get admired, but also groom their personality in the society as well as elevate the level of confidence.

It would be best option for those people or students, who have failed in Matriculation/Intermediate exam or those who still lacks:

Graduation (B.A, B.Com,)

Post Graduation (M.A, M.Com)

BTC (Teacher Training)

Want to know more or have any query please call on 9312639979, 9999152453

Dial the number at least once and attain free membership and benefits of career guidance.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Guide to Move Wordpress to New Server or Domain You Must Read

With throat-cutting technology, I hereby presenting a valuable tutorial for Moving WordPress to New Server or Domain. This eventually in my standpoint, will sense highly valuable and save tons of valuable time to get accomplish such kinds of tasks. 

Also, it make you educate about moving WordPress to new domain despite of WordPress Migration to anything. In order to help you with entire aspect of moving WordPress I am providing here original link from Webgranth. This is a precise knowledge based platform that endow with valuable guidelines and tutorials unfolding variety web development and web designing topics.

So, devoid of consuming your additional valuable time click on the below provided title/link to get indulge with original post. 

Moving WordPress to New Server or Domain

Friday, 8 February 2013

Sarfraz Alam: Who is this? You Must Know

Here, I (Sarfraz Alam) am very pleased to introduce myself on this broad internet network.  I have lot of things to carve up about me. But I am not going to steal your ample of valuable time. So, in coming next section; I will take you solely through my educational and professional career.

Basically, I am very keen to explore and carry out variety of innovative things. In the same context to share my earned knowledge, experience and skills; I have carried out this blog in front of you. In the case, if it literally makes sense of you then bless me with ‘Likes’ and ‘sharing’ for this post.

Journey of Educational Tour by Sarfraz Alam

Prior to proceeding ahead, you will be amazed to know that just after high school; I landed in the field of professionalism. Since then; I earned education as well as professional experience simultaneously.

I got my schooling at my native from CBSE Board and passed Secondary School Examination in year 2000. Later, in 2002 got certificate of Senior Secondary School Examination through Biology Stream.

My avidness to become a medical professional drag me out to achieve bachelor degree in Allied Health Science and thus joined B.Sc.(MLT) and completed successfully in year January 2006.

In the mean time, my contribution as Administrator at Ranchi College of Technology & Research Center tends me to grab Master Degree in Administration. At consequences, eventually I become a MHA {Master of Science in Hospital Administration} Degree holder in Dec.2008.

While pursuing project for MHA, it shows me the extent for Journalism. Ultimately, I achieve it in year 2010 from Aligarh Muslim University.

Professional Career

I put my best efforts to earn lot of skills and working experience in field of education, healthcare, administration etc. Throughout the entire period, my name was paired with distinct designations such as:

Sarfraz Alam, Administrator (Ranchi College of Technology & Research Center)
Sarfraz Alam, Camp Superintendant (Human Resource & Development Welfare Society, Ranchi)
Sarfraz Alam, Lecturer, (Ranchi College of Technology & Research Center)
Sarfraz Alam, Blood Bank Technician, (Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad), (Park Hospital, N.Delhi)
Sarfraz Alam, Ward Secretary, (ISIC Hospital, N.Delhi)

Furthermore, apart from this, I spend my previous life with very limited number of friends and colleagues. I do remember, it is only their involvement that today I am renowned with some other names also i.e. Sarfraz Shah, Sarfraz Baba and sometime Sarfraz Shah Alam. In cause of this; my online presence including social networking sites is with these names.

Also, you can view my social networking profiles by clicking the name as stated below:

Sarfraz Alam on Facebook

Sarfraz Alam on Linked In

Safraz Alam: My Photo Gallery


Still the journey is going on towards collecting distinct skills, knowledge and experience. See you soon with some innovative update

Sunday, 29 July 2012

In Old Age The Termites Workers Become Suicide Bombers

Termites Workers Become Suicide Bombers In Old AgeI hope you never have the unfortunate experience of owning a house that’s infested with termites. The little buggers are hard to kill and they can eat through wood like nothing else. Need I mention that they are also pretty high on the “Kill it with fire” scale of terrifying insects. Well, it seems that scientists have found one more reason to be scared of the wood eaters.
Science Magazine is reporting that biologists in French Guiana have found that termites can explode. It’s a purely defensive measure, but holy crap, termites will totally become suicide bombers if their nest is threatened. Thankfully, not all termits are lit up and ready to go. The termite must be old and must feature blue dots behind their head to initiate the explosion.
Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about termits blowing up your house anytime soon. The explosion is actually pretty small and only serves to kill or knock out competing termite colonies or predators.
While the explosion is pretty awesome (and terrifying), it’s the chemical reaction that takes place that has scientists intrigued. As it turns outs, the blue dots in the termite’s head is a copper protein that reacts to salivary gland secretions to create a toxic substance. Not only are these termites exploding, but they also become a biological weapon in their own right.
The biologists note that warrior termites often do explode in defense of their nest, but the resulting explosion only creates a smelly fluid. This is the first time that they have observed worker termites exploding and creating toxins that kill potential threats.
Lucky for you, one of the biologists has uploaded video of the termite workers as they explode. It’s really impressive, if somewhat gross. If you have any problems with watching icky bugs, you should probably avoid the video:

The Obesity Drug QYSMIA Approved by the FDA

Obesity Drug Qsymia Approved by the FDA
Obesity drug Qsymia, which is manufactured by California pharmaceutical company Vivus, has been cleared for consumption by the masses. This marks the second weight-loss drug to get the stamp of approval from the Food and Drug Administration in just under two months. Although the pills are supposed to be an effective way for people to shed pounds, some doctors have instructed their patients to play the waiting game before offering up prescriptions.
“I’ll probably take a wait-and-see attitude myself,” explained Greg Anderson, an assistant professor of family medicine at the Mayo Clinic. “The track record has not been particularly good for diet medications.” Although some doctors have expressed similar concerns regarding the Qsymia and its like-minded cohort, Belviq, some physicians believe these medications can help people get started by providing immediate results.
“Once the patient has learned how to control the appetite and has lost a good amount of weight, she or he is stimulated to continue to lose weight without the medications,” said Dr. Albert Levy, who is an assistant professor of medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
Qsymia, which is a combination of phentermine and the anti-seizure drug topiramate, is designed specifically to help obese and overweight patients lose a few pounds while they attempt to get other aspects of their lifestyle under control. However, some physicians are wary of the pills as they contain some potentially serious side effects. In addition to increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke, Qsymia has been known to cause birth defects. The FDA rejected the pill two years ago for these very reasons, and it currently remains unclear as to why, exactly, they’ve decided to approve the drug considering the potential risks are still present.
Dr. Patrick O’Neil, president of The Obesity Society, feels the approval is good news for those struggling to lose weight. “By approving another medication that will help healthcare professionals treat this disease more effectively, the FDA continues to show us that they are treating obesity seriously,” he explained. “Since obesity can arise from many causes, no single medication will work for everyone. This is a great step in the right direction, but, we must maintain our focus of developing even more treatments that are safe, effective, and accessible.”
Since there is money to made with these products — analysts estimate sales of Belviq and Qsymia will bring in around $1 billion per year — it’s not surprisingly that investors are getting behind the pills. However, Qsymia will only be available through certain pharmacies under a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy, which is put in place to inform doctors and patients of the drug’s potential side effects. For some, this is the equivalent of putting the cart before the horse.
“Such a study may very well result in preventable mortality and morbidity, a high price to pay in exchange for a few pounds of flesh,” explained Marvin Lipman, M.D., chief medical adviser for Consumer Reports.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Scientists Create X-Ray Camera Without The Use Of X-Rays

Scientists Create X-Ray Camera Without The Use Of X-Rays
One of the coolest powers that superheroes ever got was X-Ray vision. Imagine being able to see through everything. You would be able to see threats before they appear or play a multitude of pranks on your friends. The only thing holding us back is that X-Rays are actually pretty dangerous in heavy doses. Scientists in Israel have found a genius solution that removes X-Rays from the equation altogether.
Three scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have discovered a way to see around corners and through walls with natural light. The technique is called scattered media and it’s kind of like the teleportation of light. As you may or may not know, what we see around us is actually light bouncing off of objects. Our eyes then process this light and create the images that we see.
Cameras work in much the same way. The only problem is that cameras, like our eyes, can’t see through objects that block light. If we look at a wall, we’re only seeing the light that is being reflected off the wall. We can’t see the light that’s behind the wall creating the images that exist there. The new camera from the Weizmann Institute of Science solves this problem.
Here’s how Xtreme Tech explains it:
The approach is surprisingly simple, and relies on a device called a spatial light modulator (SLM). Basically, when light bounces off an object, each part of that object changes the phase of light differently. An SLM is an array of pixels that can alter the phase of light passing through it, depending on the electrical current passing through each pixel. In this case, the scientists used a genetic optimization algorithm to modulate each pixel of the SLM until a sharp image is extracted from the white noise.
As you can see, it’s not exactly X-Ray Vision in the traditional sense. The technique is also still highly impractical from a usefulness standpoint. Regardless, it’s a step in the right direction. The technology can be used to better identify things within a body during surgery. It also doesn’t require doctors to shoot radioactive X-Rays through your skin. It’s a win-win for everybody.
If you wish to read the research on this new camera, check out the scientist’s research. It’s fascinating and provides a good look into how we might perceive light in the future.

Monday, 23 July 2012

If You Spend a Lot of Time Online, You Probably Have a Mental Disorder

If You Spend a Lot of Time Online, You Probably Have a Mental Disorder
Never mind ruining your eyesight, alienating your friends, or developing a serious Vitamin D deficiency — apparently spending too much time in front of a computer screen could lead to serious mental health disorders. According to a recent study perpetrated by a group of researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, devoting a large section of your life to online shenanigans could result in stress, sleep deprivation, and depression.
Of course, it’s not so much the act of sitting in front of the computer that causes these problems as it is the time you waste doing so. Sara Thomee, lead author of this revealing study, explains that, when you’re devoting that much of your life towards one particular thing, you essentially allow other things to fall by the wayside, thus creating the unwanted stress.
“High quantitative use was a central link between computer use and stress, sleep disturbances, and depression, described by the young adults,” Thomee explained in the study. “It was easy to spend more time than planned at the computer (e.g., working, gaming, or chatting), and this tended to lead to time pressure, neglect of other activities and personal needs (such as social interaction, sleep, physical activity), as well as bad ergonomics, and mental overload.”
Spend a lot of time on the phone? You’re at risk, as well. Being available 24/7, for whatever reason, can often lead to feelings of being trapped, of “never being free” from those who wish to monopolize all of your time. And when you skip out on not returning calls or checking your voicemail right away, feelings of guilt can set in.
Last, but certainly not least, are the video gamers. They, too, are at risk for depression and sleep reduction, not to mentioned a reduced and underperforming libido. “Daily computer gaming for 1–2 hours meant an increased risk for symptoms of depression in the women. Often using the computer late at night (and consequently losing sleep) was a prospective risk factor for stress and sleep disturbances, including reduced performance, in both sexes,” the study revealed.
Once again, folks, we’re at that point where we simply cannot moderate our activities. Be it eating or computing or gaming or chatting — we’re a gluttonous lot, and our bodies and minds ultimately pay the price for our behavior. So the next time you find yourself wandering around Skyrim for hours at a time, perhaps you should take a break and do something else for a little while. Give your brain a break, treat your legs to some exercise.
As David Byrne used to say, “It might do you some good”.